28 February 2018 | 8:00 am to 12:00 noon
(Venue To Be Announced)
Pesos 4,000 plus 12% VAT

Course Description:
Social media has changed the world; social media has changed the way how people communicate with each other and with companies and institutions; social media forms part of the process to move towards digital communication and forces companies to invest into it.

While social media has democratized information dissemination, it has also raised the risk that the ‘bad and the ugly’ use social media in irresponsible or even malicious ways. Consequently, as business is trying to capitalize on social media, it needs to establish and take control of the conversations surrounding their company and their brands.

This is the reason why we are offering the workshop: the aim is to assist organizations to communicate tangible and relatable truth without running into risks.

This innovative half-day module introduces participants to the development and rise of social media in society, its engagement by business and its use by individuals. It will discuss the various forms and channels and explore the issues that come with all things trending and the viral.

Program Outline:
Part A – Context and Contours of Social Media
Development and Rise
Forms and Channels
Settings and Preferences
Features and Characteristics
Issues and Challenges
Part B – Roundtable Discussion Points
Identity, Anonymity and Pseudonym
Data Security and Cyber Risk
Malice and Intent
Privacy and Free Speech

A discussion format and running Q & A series will be adopted to draw out perennial questions and evolving concerns. A cyber risk assessment framework is used as the lens of analysis.

Participants will better understand the context and contours of social media today and tomorrow and identify the root causes of its popularity and dangers. They are expected to develop their own responses and take preventive or remedial action.

Target Audience
Middle to top managers who are:
– driving the trust in their organization;
– driving the trust in their brands;
– driving the digital communication platform of their organization, capatalizing on social media to establish their own social media assets as official sources of information.

Workshop Leader – Atty. Geronimo L. Sy
Atty. Geronimo L. Sy is a recognized international expert on technology law and is the founder of the Office of Cybercrime of the Department of Justice. He is a former State Prosecutor and Assistant Secretary responsible for the e-Government Task Force on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime. He was also the DOJ representative to the National Privacy Commission and the Supreme Court Committees on E-Commerce and Criminal Procedure. Both Cybercrime Prevention and Data Privacy Acts were legislated with his stewardship.

Atty. Sy is a professor of law and lecturer on corporate governance and risk management. He holds degress in Management Engineering, Laws, and Public Management. He has several publications on criminal law and procedure, cybersecurity and cybercrime.

Learning Investment
Pesos 4,000 +12% VAT per participant
(Seminar fee includes snacks, workshop materials and certificate of attendance.)

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