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We are convinced that the sector of innovation, technology, and science in its widest interpretation has become one of the drivers of growth for the Philippines.

The sector has grown substantially in recent years, but the full potential of the Philippines as a service hub for innovation, technology, and science has still to be developed. The challenges to be addressed by both government and the private sector in a public private partnership range from effective marketing of the skills available in the country to creating the manpower resource able to catch the available business opportunities in all regions of the world.

In order to achieve this vision, human resource development is key. In this process, the youth plays a major role. Promoting innovation, technology, and science to the Filipino youth, raising public awareness, and fostering linkages between academe and the private sector broaden job opportunities and contribute to the attractiveness of the Philippines as a trade and investment destination.

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We, therefore, are delighted to help build lives through youth development as well as professional training. It is our hope that through this initiative, we can stimulate interest among the youth and the Filipino professional to see innovation, technology and science as their future and develop industry relevant knowledge and skills competence. We are convinced that today's youth is essential to energizing business through innovation, technology, and science; thus, driving the country's knowledge economy.

Dominic Sabado
Executive Director
European Innovation, Technology, and Science Center Foundation