Philippine IT/BPM and KPM Industry

The Philippine IT/BPM and KPM industry is composed of shared service facilities and independent companies: large global corporations render back-office operations at competency centers in the Philippines; third party service providers offer support to companies worldwide from the Philippines and independent Philippine companies provide services to local and international clients. With these, companies of all sizes and branches can access the right outsourcing and offshoring mix.

The Philippines presents a wide range of outsourcing and offshoring capabilities. The two main areas of expertise are — Contact Centers and BPM. In these areas, the Philippines rank among the highest worldwide according to surveys. However, substantial inroads in the knowledge process management sector are being made, with data analytics high on the agenda.

Software development, medical and legal transcription, animation, game development and engineering design have also grown steadily over the past few years.

What we do
  • Business Matching

    Matching European eSourcing needs with Philippine capabilities.

    The Philippines has ample supply of competent offshoring partners that have the skills and capabilities to cover most eSourcing requirements. Philippine companies have a proven record of service and delivery portfolios that meet quality and schedule requirements of clients. The EITSC creates the link between European companies and Philippine service providers.

    The EITSC has formed a consortium of private and public enterprises to promote the country’s competitive advantage in the global outsourcing and offshoring market. Dubbed ‘Team Europe’, the consortium helps increase awareness for Philippine services in the European market.

  • Startup Assistance

    Assisting European companies with their start-up operations in the Philippines.

    The EITSC facilitates the market-entry requirements of European companies such as the conduct of partner search, feasibility/market studies, company registration, executive recruitment, the setup of office infrastructure, and the acquisition of legal and technical advice on doing business in the Philippines.

    The EITSC has in-depth knowledge of the Philippine business environment and its network of experts are ideally suited to provide all-around assistance to European small and medium enterprises intending to locate operations in the Philippines.

  • Team Europe

    Promoting the Philippine Offshoring & Outsourcing Industry in Europe.

    Large-scale businesses in Europe which are into outsourcing know the qualities of the Philippines as an Offshoring & Outsourcing (O&O) destination, but what about all these small and medium sized companies (SME), which just started thinking about this opportunity — whether they get influenced by their customers to reduce costs or simply to look into the vast resources other countries may be able to offer.

    They first look to Eastern Europe as it’s next door — for its accessibility, and similarities in business practices and in culture. Looking from near-shore to offshore, other locations such as India and China are prioritized over the Philippines. The reason for this is simply the lack of awareness on the service capabilities of the Philippines as one of the leading outsourcing destinations in the world.

    To address this gap, several associations and government agencies with a common interest in increasing the IT/BPO-business with Europe have created “Team Europe” to promote the Philippine Offshoring & Outsourcing industry in Europe. These parties complement each other — making it a team with different specializations. The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P) represents Philippine IT and BPO companies. The European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (ECCP) and the British Chamber of Commerce foster close economic ties and business relations between the Philippines and Europe / UK. From the government side, the team is supported by the Board of Investments (BOI), which helps foreign investors locate to the Philippines, the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), which has the knowledge of outbound missions and trade shows, and the Commission of Information and Communications Technology (CICT), which is a part of the presidential office responsible for the development of the ICT industry, As the secretariat, the EITSC helps SMEs on both sides by bridging Philippine and European cultures.

    The primary objective of Team Europe is to get the Philippines on the radar screen in Europe as a world-class partner for offshoring and outsourcing; thereby, increasing the Philippines’ share of Europe’s outsourcing market.

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