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Service Aces: Serve Better and Win A Customer Service WorkshopDeal more effectively and more confidently with customers (both internal and external) in a variety of transactions.

Workshops, Workshops/Communications, Workshops/Sales & Marketing
July 25 & 26, 2017
EITSC Training Hub 19F Philippine AxaLife Center, Sen Gil Puyat cor Tindalo St., Makati

Advanced Features of MS PowerpointMicrosoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software
by Microsoft. It is a standard component of the company's
Office suite software, and is bun...

Workshops, Workshops/Office Productivity, Workshops/Sales & Marketing, Workshops/Software Programming
July 18-19, 2017
EITSC Training Hub, 19F Philippine AxaLife Center, Sen Gil Puyat cor Tindalo St. Makati

Financial Modelling Using MS Excel Financial modelling using MS Excel (2003/07/10/13 versions),
the major topics of Time Value of Money Principles, the
Cash Flow (DCS) method, and mode...

Workshops, Workshops/Finance & Accounting, Workshops/Office Productivity, Workshops/Sales & Marketing
Mar 28-30, 2017
EITSC Training Hub, 19F Philippine AxaLife Center, Sen Gil Puyat cor Tindalo St. Makati

Journey to Greatness: Image Enhancement Essentials
Letís face it. First impressions are created within the first seven seconds. Projecting a professional image is a reflection not only of the individualís confidence and attitude but the companyís mis...

Workshops, Workshops/Sales & Marketing
9 May 2014
EITSC Training Hub Makati, Philippines

Customer Service Training: Critical Elements of Customer Service
Have you ever encountered an unpleasant customer and not known what to do? Do you worry that youíre not assertive enough with demanding people?

Workshops, Workshops/Sales & Marketing

Prospecting For Leads Like a Pro
Prospecting is the key to your success. Your success today is a result of the prospecting you did six months ago. Become skilled at networking and remember the old 80/20 rule.

Workshops, Workshops/Sales & Marketing

Call Center Training: Sales and Customer Service (Agents)
Whether we choose to embrace them or cannot stand being interrupted by their calls, call centers are a business element that is here to stay. This course will help call center agents learn to make the...

Workshops, Workshops/Sales & Marketing

Telemarketing: Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool
Virtually everybody in sales today sells over the phone at least part of the time. Perhaps it is time for you to evaluate how you use the telephone and where it fits into your sales and marketing mix....

Workshops, Workshops/Sales & Marketing

Sales Training: Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale
If you are like most sales professionals, you are always looking for ways to overcome customer objections and close the sale...

Workshops, Workshops/Sales & Marketing

Sales Training: Building Relationships for Success in Sales
No one questions that making friends is a good thing. In this workshop, you are going to discover that the business of business is making friends, and the business of all sales professionals is making...

Workshops, Workshops/Sales & Marketing
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