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Geared for Success: Work Attitude and Values Enhancement


Your attitude is everything. It determines how people perceive you in this world and it portrays how you perceive the world. Attitude change is a decision, one you cannot live without if you want to experience true happiness in your career and personal life. In achieving its goals, organizations must see to it that all of its members have the proper long-term mindset to effectively and efficiently perform their roles.


Realize the power of work attitudes in one's life:
  • Understand the nature of attitudes and how it affects their behavior;
  • Draft desirable work attitudes towards "Work," "Colleagues," "Superiors" and "Personal Life";
  • See work as valuable and worthwhile, as well as, a venue for "making a difference" in the company and in the world;
  • Prepare an action plan to sustain one's positive work attitudes.

1. Setting the Program  Tone
  • Why are we here?
  • Work: A Significant Influence in Our Lives
  • Work Attitudes Affect Work Performance
  • Work Attitudes Affect Other Aspects of Life
  • A Meaningful Life Through a Productive Work Life
  • Sharing the Session Ground Rules
2. Attitude: The Driving Force Behind An

  • Attitude is Key to Happiness and Fulfillment at Work
  • Attitude Precedes Knowledge and Skills
  • Attitude Matters in Business
  • Attitude, It is Your Choice
  • Why it is Difficult to Live What is Ideal
  • The Link Between Self-fulfilling Prophecy and Attitude
3. You: Where It All Starts
  • Looking at a Reflection
  • Understanding What Makes You Tick
  • Accepting Who You Are: Appreciating your Achievements
  • Overcoming Insecurities, Past Failures and Regret
  • Motivation Starts with the Self
  • Yearning for Continuous Learning and Improvement
4. Understanding Work Attitudes

5. Why Do We Need to Enhance Our Work

6. Seeing Work As Valuable

7. Work: A Means to Reach My Personal

8. Attitudes Toward Work

9. Attitudes Toward  the  Company

10. Attitudes Toward Superiors

11. Personal Action Plan

  • Individuals who want to improve and cultivate their attitude towards their work, colleagues, boss and personal life
  • Individuals who want to empower their personality by evaluating, rediscovering and reaffirming their strength and capabilities
  • Individuals who are seeking career and personal success and want to ascertain their path and direction by reconnecting to their core principles and values

Regular Rate:  Php 9,020 + VAT
Early-Bird Rate: Php 8,120 + VAT
*Submit your registration form two weeks before the training schedule to avail the early-bird discount.
**Indicated rates include training materials (AM & PM Snacks and lunch) and certificates


For registration and inquiries about this workshop,
Please contact:  Sophie Mendiola
Email Add: sophie@eitsc.com
Tel. No: 02.845.1324 local 224
To know more about our workshops and training courses, please visit us online at www.eitsc.com.


Date: 10-11 December 2014
Venue: EITSC Training Hub Makati City, Philippines

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