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Business Intelligence Using MS Excel Power Pivot


This 2-day course will enable participants to have a thorough understanding of MS Excel Power Pivot.  At the end of this course, the participants will be able to create and manage PivotTables, Slicers and Pivot Charts, all of which they can use to manage and present large data sets.


Target Participants

This course is designed  for MS Excel power users and business intelligence consultants and developers.



Participants  to this workshop must have  at least 1 year experience in using advanced topics in MS Excel, particularly Pivot Tables. Participants must already have:

  • A good working knowledge  of Microsoft Windows and Excel 2010
  • A basic knowledge of Database Relationships
  • Understand formula/function writing to manipulate data
  • Understand basic features of Pivot Tables, such as  the areas designed for fields


Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. MS Excel 2010 Pivot Table Review
    1. Pivot Table and Power Pivot Comparison
    2. Pivot Table Hints and Tips
    3. Connecting to External Data with Pivot Tables
  3. Introduction to Power  Pivot Excel 2010
    1. Power Pivot Overview
    2. When to Use Power Pivot and  Pivot Table
    3. OLAP Basics
    4. Identifying Power Pivot
  4. Connecting to Single Table Data Sources
    1. Connecting to Different Data Sources
    2. How to Copy and Paste Data into Power Pivot
    3. Generating Powerful and Interactive Data Visualization
    4. MS Excel, all versions, (flat-file database) as Data Source
  5. Working with Multiple Table Data Sources
    1. Excel  Linked Tables
    2. Power Pivot Relationships
    3. Access Tables Relational Database
    4. SQL Database
    5. How to Make Field Lists Manageable
    6. How to Filter Data  while Importing External Data
    7. Database Tables as a Data Source Writing SQL Statements
  6. The Diagram View
    1. Managing Relationships  and Tables in Diagram View
    2. Working with Hierarchies
  7. Measures, Calculations and KPIs
  8. Working with DAX (Data Analysis Expressions
  9. Working with Slicers
  10. 2-Hour Revalida


Training Investment

Regular Rate:  Php 11,500 + VAT

Early Bird Rate:  Php 10,350 + VAT

*Submit your registration form two weeks before the training schedule to avail the early-bird discount.

**Indicated rates include training materials, snacks, lunch and certificate of attendance.


 Registration Details

Point of contact: Sophie Mendiola

Email address: traininghub@eitsc.com

Telephone number:   02.845.1324 local 224

Fax number:  02.759.2247


Date: 8-9 December 2014
Venue: EITSC Training Hub, Makati, Philippines

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